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  • Federal & State Licensing

  • Bond Determination

  • Exemptions

  • Resale Certificates

  • Program Expansion

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  • 637 Reviews

  • State Audits

  • Communication with States/IRS regarding Compliance

  • Assist in resolving requests from FCO's

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  • Defense

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  • Settlement





LiquiFile Services provides a simple and convenient solution of compliance services for the Petroleum Industry. With 15 years of Industry experience in Motor Fuel Tax Compliance and Electronic Reporting, we understand the operations firsthand and the internal requirements for Federal and State compliance. We have worked in industry and we know the data from both a business and a compliance perspective, not only the paper returns, but more importantly the EDI/Electronic processes that many jurisdictions are moving towards.

Our versatile processing system is simple enough to handle single operations of just a few hundred transactions, yet powerful enough to handle operations with any number of facilities and hundreds of thousands of transactions. To the Client, this is coupled with flexible data options to suit any and every type of operation. We take great pride in providing these services to our clients in a simple, professional and cost effective manner.

Beyond ExSTARS, we provide many other electronic filing functions including State reporting.




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